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Rust on a Tank

Before photo, very tricky inspection situation here for the untrained eye, it looks like a rusting tank surface.


“Coatings are commonly found flaking off concrete, elastomeric coatings are best for this application, they breathe”

Environmental Impact

“Environmental impact, (Acid Rain) stakes a strong hold here, acid washing is best to remove rust staining, email us for product info.

Surface Preparation

“Typical SP3 power tool cleaning apparatus, this we incorporate into specifications to ensure proper surface preparation”

Spot Painting

“Spot painting as shown on middle of this photo is common to keep costs down, just spot bare steel versus priming the entire surface.


Doors are a common paint problem, they come galvanized are sort of shiny and paint doesn’t stick well, best to clean the surface well, and best to give a light sanding -220 grit to give paints a bite, acrylic or epoxy is best.


Pin holing, can be caused by many things, could be low film build, vandalism and other things, sand, and repaint.


The base of steel where it meets concrete is infamous for rusting – solution put 2 coats of primer up 4’


A common situation where coatings lift off a zinc coating, salting may have occurred, dryfall is common where a dusting occurs, and the next layer doesn’t stick well. Watch for this by feeling the surface to ensure that is doesn’t feel dusty, ensure the surface is clean and lightly sand and dust before painting.

Project Drawing

From project drawings through to completion trust LDG to understand your project requirements, outline in detail where the product is to be used, the thickness that it is to be applied and offer the support that the job is done properly.

Film Build

Typically, this is caused by lack of film build, hire LDG Coating Inspectors to watch over the project, measure paint thicknesses and ensure that what was specified is what happens in the field, good specifications need to be monitored in the field for quality work.

Windswept Surface

 Typical windswept surface, “original finish is letting go over time, quite common, feather the edges, spot prime and then mid coat full coat to look like new again, products like t115 and t1029 are common fixes.

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