Agro – Sussex, NB- Maintenance

Specialized Wall coatings to withstand constant cleaning, Agro Sussex, t270 was the specified product that allows for that kind of cleaning in a world-class facility.

Trowel applied coating that fills in cracks and control joints. For that CFIA food approved finish that is required. Tnemec 270.

LDG Industrial Paint Consultant

Maintenance -Close up of finished product, nice smooth finish, CFIA approved and easy to wash up or clean.

Fiberglass reinforced epoxy, designed for continual high-pressure cleaning. With outstanding structural stability, Tnemec 270, distributed by LDG Sales

LDG Industrial Paint Consultant

Typical set up over pumps and motors for easy access.

Specialized coatings by Tnemec/ldg help protect walls in food facilities where constant water and chemical washing is used. T270 with fibrous cell creates a tough monolithic surface just for that use,  It can also be used as part of a complete system with primer and topcoat, 270 is a troweled on finish that requires a special powder for trowelability.

LDG Industrial Paint Consultant
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