LDG Industriel Projects

Industriel Paint Solutions

Metal Cladding Refinishing like Novapet as shown in Blue


Agro - Sussex, NB- Maintenance

Specialized wall coatings to withstand constant cleaning, Agro Sussex, t270 was the specified product that allows for that kind of cleaning in a world-class facility.

Air Liquid Tanks, Amherst. NS

Air Liquid, Amherst. Urethane finish p346 shown with owner stencil. Below of all this is a grey epoxy primer p4402 that seals the existing surfaces.  Distributed by LDG Sales.

Bathurst - Industriel Floors

From simple epoxy systems to resin rich aggregate systems. Specialized polyaspartic non-yellowing, long-lasting finishes in a resinous mix. 

Campbellton Arena

Campbellton Arena -The ceiling was first cleaned with “No rinse” specialized chemical cleaner followed by a spot coat of T115 and then followed by a full coat of Tnemec 115, distributed by LDG Sales. 


CCNB - Bathurst, NB

CCNB, this grand entranceway to CCNB Bathurst was looking dull and faded, LDG was contracted out to sandblast any areas of corrosion.  


Delta / Marriott Fredericton Metal Roof

Delta / Marriott Fredericton  – The metal roof was refinished with t115 hybrid primer and t1028 industriel dryfall by Tnemec distributed by LDG Sales.  

Halifax- Wastewater

When confronted with wastewater, specialized coatings need to be specified, the effects of methane gas in an anaerobic (absence of free oxygen) a setting like a wastewater plant is extreme and coatings like t217 do the job.

Houston Testing - Fireproofing

Test trials of the famous Jotun 1709 mesh-free fire-retardant system, now being specified by worldwide companies and used by many coating applicators in the southern USA in the tune of millions of dollars.

Irving Tree Nursery Sussex, NB

Our Sales Group offers specialized roof coatings, from non-flaking metallics to epoxy systems to heavy bodied coatings that fill in small holes and help cool the roof in the summer months to help save on air conditioning costs.

River Philip Bridge Cumberland Co, NS

River Philip Bridge -Located in Cumberland Co, NS. Structural steel coatings for bridges and the Like, many coating consultants recommend p4402 and p346 for long-lasting performance.

Saint John, NB - OEM

Commercial shine in industriel quality, like 4402 fast dry primer, 30 minute recoat that “lays down nice” and p346 Urethane topcoat with exceptional gloss by trusted canadian manufacturers like Polyval.

Shur Gain/ Nutreco Moncton, NB

Shur Gain / Nutreco Moncton – A specialized safe chemical was used for rust stain removal and control, distributed by LDG Sales.


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